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Little House Inc.
Cannabis business services for the emerging industry



Miranda Weigler is a Portland native. After half a lifetime experiencing the world, she returned home to help develop Oregon’s legal cannabis industry.

Her previous adventures included teaching debate to students around the world, advising Fortune 500 companies about effective sales and marketing in an information overloaded landscape, and studying critical theory in Lincoln’s Inn Fields.



For the past three years, I have been immersed in the Oregon legal cannabis community. I bring a background in social research and a perspective shaped by several years of corporate experience to overcoming the hurdles presented by a previously undefined area of commerce. 

The legalization of cannabis is creating opportunities for many entrepreneurs, but comes with significant risk and a difficulty in finding authentic information.

Whether you have a business plan and funding or are still trying to define your cannabis-business-bliss, Little House Inc. can help you prepare. We can help you validate an idea, build your business plan, bring your product to market, improve your sales and marketing approach, or find partners across the industry.