Möchtest du Cannabis kaufen?

In Oregon we have a million pounds of the best cannabis in the world rotting in warehouses, losing quality every day. We have the scale of production to be globally relevant, but, limited by our state borders, every day we harvest more than the people here could possibly consume.

Even with an expanding consuming population and (hopefully) a very successful tourist season, this imbalance between production and consumption will only get worse until export is possible. Thousands of people have moved here for the express purpose of participating in the legal cannabis industry and many are watching their life savings drain away because of the current market conditions.

The economic crisis in the Oregon cannabis industry will soon become a wider issue for the state as a whole. Unless something is done to avoid the collapse of the market, small businesses will lose to those who can afford to bleed money until the market stabilizes. Many will lose everything, thousands of miles from their extended support networks.

The State of Oregon is already facing severe budget issues. We are in no position to absorb a second economic disaster in such a short period and at the same time, Germany is currently facing a shortage in their medical cannabis market, driving their prices up and their availability down.

If the excess flower in Oregon could be sold to help solve the shortage in Germany, the German government could purchase super high quality medicine, tracked seed-to-sale, extensively tested and packaged in a variety of mediums MUCH less expensively. The State of Oregon could play one-time intermediary, purchasing the current excess at an extremely reasonable rate from legal growers and selling it to Germany for a modest profit. The fee/ margin they charge for the transaction could go directly to offset some of the PERS obligations, helping smaller municipalities balance their budgets more easily. 

The OLCC could work with the state to do product intake, and use it as an opportunity to triage for packaging/ labeling compliance, allowing field agents to focus on inventory, METRC compliance, and process optimization. Seems like a win for the State, a win for the industry, a win for patients in Germany, and a win for the OLCC. Its not a long term proposal, but if we could sufficiently deplete stocks and provide some cash flow we might be able to buy enough time for the ship to right itself.

Other than Sessions hating the idea, what am I missing?